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I've spent most of my life on quick-fix diets, cleanses and eating food I didn't like.  I learned the hard way that changing my basic eating habits was the only way to sustain weight loss in the long run.


Hi I'm Taylor an accredited practicing dietitian with extensive experience in diabetes management. I'm a graduate of the University of Sydney (B. SC., 1987, Master of Nutrition & Dietetics, 1994). I have conducted research into the glycemic index of foods and its practical applications over the last 15 years. Currently, I am a dietitian with Wentworth Area Diabetes Services in New South Wales providing consultancy on all aspects of the glycemic index. My interests focus is on all aspects of carbohydrates - diet and diabetes, the glycemic index of foods, insulin resistance, lactose intolerance, and oligosaccharides in infant nutrition. I invite you to browse site, connect with our forum and contact me with your health concerns.


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Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases in the world and is a contributing factor to the high rates of heart disease. It can also cause health problems related to blindness, kidney failure and amputation. In Australia and New Zealand diabetes and pre-diabetes affect 1 in 4 people. Every day nearly 300 adults and even children develop type 2 diabetes - and for every person diagnosed with diabetes there's someone with undiagnosed diabetes. The good news is that these days we know a lot more about managing diabetes and reducing your risk of developing it. THE GLUCOSE REVOLUTION LIFE PLAN cuts through the conflicting advice and sets out clearly and simply what you need to eat and do to help you: reduce your body fat; improve your insulin sensitivity; improve your cardiovascular health; keep your blood glucose levels near the normal range. This plan is a practical guide to help you manage your diabetes or pre-diabetes with diet and lifestyle. The plan shows what you can do for yourself - and why. Best of all, the information on this site is good advice for all members of your family, not just you.

The New Glucose Revolution

is the one-stop classic resource for anyone who wants to discover the benefits of adopting a healthy low GI lifestyle. It will help you: • Lose weight and keep it off; • Improve diabetes management; • Reduce the risk of heart disease; • Improve blood cholesterol levels; • Manage the symptoms of PCOS; • Boost your fertility; • Reduce hunger and stay full for longer; • Prolong physical endurance; • Prevent obesity; • Increase your body’s sensitivity to insulin. You'll find shopping list of low-GI essentials - Tips for meal planning - Ideas for gluten-free meals - Advice about eating out and keeping low-GI - The facts about sugar and sweeteners. Subscribe for free to GRLP News - the official newsletter of the Glycaemic Index Foundation - at

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