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I learned the hard way that changing my basic eating habits was the only way to sustain weight loss in the long run.

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People Talk

"The Metabolism Miracle program has helped me to deflate the spare tire around my middle. But this plan is about more than... Read More

Leighe Weifert, 46

“I’ve spent much of my adult life trying to diet, count calories, and curtail sweets. I’ve lost and gained weight many times over. My blood sugar levels were beginning to rise, and I was concerned about diabetes... Read More

Bonnie Rynar, 25

“When I first started Step One, I was twenty years old, 278 pounds, and extremely unhappy. I had already seen a gastroenterologist about having gastric bypass surgery ... Read More

Melissa Ricca, 23

“The Glucose Revolution literally saved my life with the Metabolism Miracle. When I first met Taylor, my sugar levels were completely out of control. I was 50 pounds overweight, and my energy level was practically nonexistent... Read More
JL, 36

“This diet really has been a metabolism miracle for me. During Step One, I could feel my energy rise as my cravings disappeared and I lost pounds and inches. On Step Two, as I retrained my body to process carbohydrates properly, I found myself reassessing... Read More

A grateful client

Top 10 Workouts
To kick off your new exercise regime

 Diabetes Strength & Fitness Workout Program

Type 2 diabetes usually occurs later in life and is mostly a lifestyle disease that results from obesity and lack of exercise. Insulin may be insufficient or the cells that take up glucose may be resistant to the action of insulin. Ultimately, the result can be the same as in type 1 diabetes, that is, a complete failure of the beta cells and insulin supply. Exercise training if you have type 2 diabetes... See more here

 Take Control of your Weight and Diabetes

If you're new to fitness or just want to renew your commitment to exercise and weight loss, Glucose Revolution's SparkPeople's 8-Week Diabetes Weight Loss Challenge is for you! we've created this workout plan for people of all fitness levels. It involves a proven combination of cardio exercise and strength training to rev your metabolism to help you manage your weight ... See more here

 Weight Lifting and Diabetes - A Training Plan

HOW TO SET UP A WEIGHT LIFTING PLAN FOR DIABETES . We get all sorts of visitors on Glucose Revolution's  Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Program. Both men and women, ranging from the everyday gym goer to professional bodybuilders with diabetes, sports athletes right through to newly diagnosed teens who haven’t an ounce of muscle to their name. We have the complete guide to strength training with diabetes... See more here

Top 10 Healthy Snacks

Snacking throughout the day is an excellent way to stay energised and alert during even your busiest moments. Choosing delicious treats that are packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals will fuel your body and keep your blood sugar levels steady. Here are some healthy festive season treats that will help keep you Energised all day long. Hey, why not keep the party going all year long!

 Festive Season Prawn Recipes

We've Got You Covered This Holiday Season With Our Christmas Recipes. View Them All Now. We Focus On Bringing You The Best Products,  Recipes & Celebration Of All Things Food. 

Recipe Inspiration. Covering Most Cuisines. Easy To Follow. Make Meal Time Easy... View more here

2  Chargrilled Asparagus with Preserved Lemon

Try our easy to follow Chargrilled Asparagus with Preserved Lemon. Absolutely delicious with the best  ingredients of preserved lemon, red wine, vinegar and fresh asparagus... View more here

3  Meals packed with protein and Omega 3

For meals packed with Omega 3 try our mouth watering Salmon recipes. Try our diverse range including the egg, salmon scroll, Crisp-Skinned Salmon... View more here


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